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It is no secret that remote jobs have become an overwhelming trend in hiring relations. What was once considered to be a fad, is now the “new normal”. Firms have been forced—some willingly, some less so—to make home the office of today. Even as some managers can begin to transition back to in-office settings, many have chosen to stay remote. 

On the surface, the main issue with working remotely is a matter of trust and efficiency. Without a manager stalking through cubicles (think of the boss from Office Space), many employers are not sure that adequate work will be done. Company funds are expended accordingly. Software such as Time Doctor or Rescue Time can assist company’s missions, often tracking daily metrics or even activity.

However, many managers find that a clear outline of expectations and duties is the most effective way to manage remote workers. Managers perform frequent progress checks that not only audit progress, but assist growth. Indeed, some managers have made the decision expressly not to use auditing software in order to establish trust on both sides, though this tactic should best be used on an individual company basis.

Certainly, some jobs require in-person work. Team collaboration does not always translate digitally either. (Frozen face while sneezing anyone?) Problems with distractions, bad Wi-Fi, or even thin walls in a city apartment can clog up opportunities and restrict remote working. However, with the last several months forcing many to adapt, many of those worries have been solved. Many have realized that those worries are either not frequent, or are understood and worked around. (“Hey no worries. My cat also loves to cuddle with my laptop camera.”) Zoom calls will never be the same as meeting in person and bonding as a cohort, but digital communication is not as alienating as once thought. Employers and employees alike have found ways to relate to and build camaraderie with colleagues even without ever meeting. 

Leading Academic Medical Center in the SE Makes Transitions to Remote

Recently, Spirit Consulting and the leading academic medical center in the SE, have worked together to transition several positions within their medical center to fully remote. The medical center was able to assess the needs for positions such as Clinical Documentation Improvement and realized on-the-ground access was not always necessary, particularly in a managerial capacity. Examining the industry, our client found that many candidates already worked from home, hundreds of miles from their place of business. They remained proficient in their work,  and even grow to new heights professionally.  

Not only was working remote preferred by candidates, but also preferred by our client in the medial field. Without the need to relocate, employers could significantly reduce on-boarding costs while significantly increasing their potential talent pool. Candidates from Texas, Georgia, Florida, among others, could work for a world leader in medicine without relocating. Quite simply, candidates who wanted the opportunity of a lifetime, but could not move, finally had their opportunity. With our client’s focus on leading the way in terms of medical care and patient outcomes, having the best staff in the world is vital. By opening the door to remote working, they have adopted hiring practices to get the best candidates—even if those candidates live 1,000 miles away. 

Remote work is certainly not a -one-size-fits-all approach, and many (if not most jobs) will not work primarily remotely. However, what this rushed adaptation has allowed employers to see is the efficacy of remote work. Employers and employees have a wider range of choices for who and what they work for, as well as where they live. The sky is the limit. 

Spirit Consulting, as a recruiting agency, will push the market forward, as our client also has done, innovate remote working. Whether this is by encouraging partial remote schedules or augmenting travel requirements through virtual contact, Spirit will aid companies in their experimentation and journey with remote work. 

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