Ep. 1: Sebastien Girard (w/ Christopher Gomez)

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Podcasts | 0 comments

Show Description

The Leading Virtuously Podcast’s mission is to nurture the business community by offering testimonials of executives that are leading virtuously to inspire you to do the same. The guests on this show are executives from top organizations that will provide actionable tips, tools, and techniques for improving your leadership style, career, and life in general.

About our Guest

Sebastien “Seb” Girard is the Senior Vice President of Workforce Engagement at Atrium Health, one of the nation’s leading hospital networks and the largest in North Carolina. In this episode, Seb tells Chris about his “mid-life crisis” which pushed him to significantly reconsider his career goals and change as a leader. In doing so, Seb unlocked amazing potential in his work which allowed people in non-profit healthcare to flourish. Seb is a proud father and an inspiring leader, and he is a fantastic first guest of the show. 

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