Ep. 3: Laticia Nicole Beatty (w/ Christopher Gomez)

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About our Guest

Laticia Nicole Beatty is the CEO and founder of Purposed Professionals, a non-profit organization that works to feed, clothe, and provide toiletries to elderly people around the world; she also serves as the CEO and founder of Laticia Nicole Enterprise, which works to empower women and girls to conquer their fears and fulfill their potential. On top of these roles, she is a registered nurse and nursing home administrator with PruittHealth, a prominent leader in long-term healthcare in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Laticia talks with Chris about her philanthropy-oriented philosophy. Her work is the embodiment of rising by lifting others. She is also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and in her own words, “always a work in progress.”

Episode Transcript

Chris: All right. So excited to be on the Leading Virtuously Podcast today, we’ve got an awesome guest and I’m excited to be able to dive in. So without further ado wanted to introduce you Laticia Nicole, thank you for joining us on the podcast Laticia. 

Laticia: Thank you so much for having me.

Chris: Yeah, no worries. No worries.

So the first question that we always have out, out of the gun is who are you Laticia?

Laticia: I am the CEO and founder of the nonprofit organization called Purposed Professionals, where we’re feeding the elderly and we’re also clothing and giving them toiletries all over the world. And I’m also the CEO, founder of a for-profit, which is Laticia Nicole enterprise LLC.

Where I’m helping women and girls conquer their fears so they can be all that they were called to be. And I do that by speaking, by preaching and by teaching. I am also a coach and I am also a wife. I’m a mother. I am a philanthropist. I am an author, but I’m always a work in progress and I’m so nice to meet you.

Chris: Oh, I love all of that. That’s so good. So good. As we joked before, when we had connected previously, I told you I have no idea how you find time to sleep. So thank you for being on the podcast and sharing a little bit more about your life, et cetera. So can you can you tell me a little bit how you got to the leadership position that you are in today and try to get that done in three minutes or less. 

Laticia: Absolutely well being that I’m a registered nurse and I’m also a nursing home administrator. I have been in leadership positions for over 15 years, which allotted me to start my own company and actually consulting and teaching and instructing.

So that’s how I was able to actually become the leader that I am and non-profit, and for-profit. 

Chris: So Laticia second or third question here is, as you look back over your career, what do you feel has characterized the most outstanding performers that have worked for you? 

Laticia: I would say, certified nursing assistants.

Only because without them nurses, physicians, therapists can’t do anything. They are the foundation, they are the heartbeat. They’re the ones that are more with the patients. And they talk to them more. And so I believe that they are the heartbeat and the backbone of the medical industry. 

Chris: And I would imagine though, that some of them are outstanding and some of them are, have a lot of work in progress.

So even within that category, though, just curious as to what you think about as you think about that specific like function, what has made some of them that really stand out compared to the. 

Laticia: Just the love and the ability to have the capacity to include these people in their daily lives.

That’s not a job that you will do for money because let’s be truthful. They don’t make a lot. And so that has to have some type of love for. People. And so that’s what I noticed for that physician that stays in that position, that they have a, truly, a love for people. And I’m wanting to say that I started out as a candy striper and then a CNA, and then to the LPN, then to a registered nurse and now to a nursing home administrator.

So I definitely know you, you must love what you do. 

Chris: That’s a that’s I’m hoping that you were going to answer that way. Cause it transitions into my next question, which is like the meat of the show. Which is, tell us a little bit about where virtue and business has intersected for you. 

Laticia: Oh wow.

Virtue and business where it intersected. I’m going to answer that. This year it actually did a huge intersection for me. I was one that caught COVID and it changed my whole life. Now it has added products to my whole business. Now I have a product line of vitamins, vitamin C, turmeric, ginger tea that increase your immunity.

It has changed my trajectory. When I thought I was just going to be a healthcare professional, a registered nurse, a business, I’ve gone to the business side. Now I’m an actual owner of my own company. So it has, that has definitely changed my trajectory of where I’m going

Chris: And why is that important to you Laticia.

Laticia: Because I’m able to help even more people. I’m able to help more people for it, not just being a nurse, not just being a nursing home administrator, but I’m able to help people get what they need into their bodies to increase their immunity for what we have going on right now with COVID. 

Chris: I’m also curious, You would have to have your head in the sand to not realize the impact of the pandemic has had on business and society as a whole.

I’ve luckily been fortunate to, to, really none of my loved ones have been affected by COVID, but can you tell us a little bit more about like how you found that out and what your experience was with the virus as well? 

Laticia: Absolutely. So on the 23rd of March, I decided to go back to nursing home administration and by the 30th of March, which is my mother’s birthday, I was full-blown diagnosed with COVID.

I, my symptoms include loss of sense of taste and smell. I have asthma, a co-morbidity which my lungs were infected my I had shortness of breath. I had horrible headaches. I also had brain fog. I developed rash and my pulse-ox will go all the way down to 80. We know that a normal pulse-ox is between 90 to 100.

And so I lived in my basement for two and a half months.

Chris: Yeah, that, that sounds pretty rough. So what, yeah, so then I would imagine that as a nursing home administrator, then obviously that takes you away. Cause that’s probably the most at risk population as well. So how was that hard to be isolated in that way? And how did that work out with your family?

Laticia: It was very hard to be isolated from my residents, my employees and my family, I lost 24 residents. In my nursing home. And at the time that I caught that I was diagnosed, my mother best friend died the same day that I was diagnosed on her birthday. And so I was staying in my basement.

I have two boys, two teenage boys, and my husband here. And my husband was my caregiver. And it was really hard because I didn’t want them to catch it. So it was really hard. 

Chris: Did any of the family members get it? 

Laticia: Not at all, praise. 

Chris: Yes, that is wonderful for sure. Thank you for sharing as well.

And thank you as well for the way that, you’re shifting your own career to be able to help others that are in that same situation as well, oftentimes you really, I think, as you stated about your staff that had led with love have been like the people that have stood out to you in your own career.

And that’s the kind of way, same too, that I see, leading with virtue, is just really loving people and making that people-based decision. And for you that looks like starting your own company that can help, distribute products that are going to help people with the virus as well. So that’s wonderful.

So I got two more questions for you, Laticia. The first of those is, thinking back throughout your life, what do you feel like has brought you the most fulfillment? 

Laticia: Actually, what has brought me the most fulfillment is praying for people. For the last seven years. I’ve had a prayer life every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:30 AM.

And learning the Bible. I started in Genesis and seven years later, I’m in revelations and just being able to pray and help people get out of dead situations and to look at themselves as being victorious, other than being a victim. So that has been very fulfilling for me. 

Chris: Well thank you.

And, sorry, I might’ve missed it. How long did you say that you’ve been doing that for now? 

Laticia: Seven years and we just have got a seven-year birthday. I’ve been doing it through a prayer line a call line. It’s been amazing. It was funny. It’s seven years ago, you couldn’t have told me that I was going to be ordained to be a minister or anything.

And because I started studying, cause I wanted to know more about the work and see how I can make it applicable seeing that I’m a nurse. I just love I do. I love people and how can I make it applicable into my everyday life? And now here I am seven years later two years ago I was ordained and it has been, it’s amazing now that I have that foundation, that strong foundation to know the word for myself.

Chris: Thank you. So thank you for sharing that too. So in the prayer line, so you know, many people who may not be familiar with that, so is that people there’s can you give us a little bit more information about is there a number of people that join in on that and then do you, how do you decide like what the list looks like and do you check off like prayers answers?

What does that look like? 

Laticia: It’s a line that I track, I use Uberconference. And so you actually see as people from South Carolina and North Carolina, New York, Michigan on the line. And sometimes when it’s too many people or I have to mute them so we can hear, but I love when I’m able to just open the line and it’s just open prayers.

But when there’s teaching I’m also been able to develop leaders with this line. So on Friday, we do praise report Friday. We have a young lady leading that for me. And on Wednesday I have another teacher that I helped develop and on Monday is when I teach. So every Monday Wednesday and Friday, you get, get a new a new biblical teaching and you get prayer.

Chris: That is wonderful. Thank you for doing that as well and doing your part for building the kingdom as well. Last question, as I promised how can people get ahold of you or what your organization is doing? 

Laticia: Absolutely. You can reach me at Laticianicole.com and that’s L A T I C I A    N I C O L E.

I am Laticia Nicole on Facebook, LaticiaNicolespeaklife on Instagram, and Leticia Nicole BD on LinkedIn. 

Chris: Wonderful. And we will definitely add all of those links into for our audience members, but thank you so much for being on the show. I think we have a lot to unpack here from your career and what you were able to share today and, just thank you for being a light in the world and continue to we’ll be continuing to pray and keep the dialogue moving forward to you as well Laticia.

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