Ep. 3: Laticia Nicole Beatty (w/ Christopher Gomez)

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Show Description

The Leading Virtuously Podcast’s mission is to nurture the business community by offering testimonials of executives that are leading virtuously to inspire you to do the same. The guests on this show are executives from top organizations that will provide actionable tips, tools, and techniques for improving your leadership style, career, and life in general.

About our Guest

Laticia Nicole Beatty is the CEO and founder of Purposed Professionals, a non-profit organization that works to feed, clothe, and provide toiletries to elderly people around the world; she also serves as the CEO and founder of Laticia Nicole Enterprise, which works to empower women and girls to conquer their fears and fulfill their potential. On top of these roles, she is a registered nurse and nursing home administrator with PruittHealth, a prominent leader in long-term healthcare in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Laticia talks with Chris about her philanthropy-oriented philosophy. Her work is the embodiment of rising by lifting others. She is also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and in her own words, “always a work in progress.”

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