Ep. 8 Ray Ray McElrathbey (w/ Christopher Gomez)

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This week’s episode features Ray Ray McElrathbey whose life story was made into the Disney film, “Safety.” Ray’s story teaches the virtue of perseverance.

In this episode, Ray shares with Chris about his unstable and rough upbringing, and how in college he was able to succeed on the football field while simultaneously raising and taking custody of his younger brother. His wisdom to those suffering through hard times is, “do not let your present circumstance determine your future. Understand you are in a moment of time and all things come to pass. You have to wait it out and ride it out. If you have faith, lean on God to get you through it.”

With this thought process, Ray was able to find the courage in choosing family above everything despite jeopardizing his scholarship and future as an NCAA DI athlete at Clemson University.

Ray’s many accolades include being named ABC News’ Person of the Week, featured on the Oprah Show, ESPN’s Keith Jackson Excellence Award, College Football Writers Association Courage Award, and earning numerous ‘Father of the Year’ awards.

Through his personal and work experiences, he was motivated to establish the Ray Ray Safety Net Foundation. The Foundation seeks to provide children who are dealing with trauma with a ray of hope through education and mentorship accountability programs.

Watch the “Safety” Trailer here. 


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