The Journey of a Podcast Manager

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Just in case you have been living in Middle Earth for the last decade, let me update you. Podcasts are all the rage. Currently, 37% of the US (104 million people) listen to at least one podcast monthly. [1] There are 2 million podcasts registered by Google. Just last week, my great uncle and my dog started a podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ve heard good things. 


As you can imagine, there are infinite possibilities for marketing and business growth via podcasts. Companies that advertised on podcasts saw an average 14% rise in purchase intent. With these kinds of numbers, more and more professionals are looking to get into podcasting, either for career advancement or the advertising benefits. 

I work in podcasting and people often ask me if they should start a podcast and if it’s worth the effort. Personally, I got into podcasting because I love it. In this article, I will take you on my journey of getting into podcasting and shine some light on your questions about starting a podcast. 


My Journey to Podcasting

Podcasting, originally known as audio blogging at its inception in the 1980s, began to gain mainstream popularity in 2004 with the advent of the iPod. Ten years ago, I became interested in podcasts after stumbling upon one discussing literature. Since then, I have worked on several successful podcasts and I am currently the podcast manager for the Leading Virtuously Podcast. While many different things lead me to this position, faith was a major component.

Faith is an extremely broad term and means something different to each person you ask. For me and this journey to podcasting, it was faith in myself. It is a difficult task to break into a relatively new field in the entertainment industry. I must admit that there were times when I did start to falter and lose faith in myself. However, I overcame this through the faith of others in me. They encouraged me to continue and eventually, I was able to get my first internship as an audio engineer. While faith was important for this, so was study and practice at Emerson College where I learned the fundamentals of audio, as well as more intricate editing practices that have enabled me to pursue a career in podcasting.


Start in the trenches

While I felt I was prepared for my new role as an engineer, the learning curve for actually editing a podcast was somewhat steep, but also rewarding. My advice for anyone wanting to pursue podcasting in any capacity would be to go through the same struggle of learning production. Learning how to edit and compile together the audio was crucial for understanding podcasting overall, and managing a podcast. Getting into the trenches of production teaches you the details of the production process, the technical needs and the production cycle. Thinking about creating or leading a podcast? My advice is start in one aspect of production and learn from there. 


Pros and Cons of Podcasting

Joining  or creating a podcast can seem like a daunting task. Like anything, there are pros and cons. However, the pros massively outweigh any negatives. While podcast production can range in price, one can be created for next to nothing. This is a major pro because it allows anyone to join the podcasting world.

To start a podcast, all you need is an RSS hosting platform(which charges a very small monthly fee) and an audio editing software(some of which are free). The big con is the time commitment. Running and editing a podcast can take a large amount of time to do properly. To give you an idea, we currently have 7 part-time employees working on the Leading Virtuously Podcast. The positions range from social media marketing to video editing to booking guests. While it is challenging to create a podcast and gain an audience, only good will come from your persistence and dedication. 


You Gotta Have Faith

Gaining a reputable seat at the podcasting banquet will require some trials. Having faith in yourself is crucial for overcoming any hurdles that come your way. Podcasting is a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor, especially when you find your role within the team. No matter what that role, my advice would be to persevere and have faith in yourself and your team. 

Also, Google is your friend in about 99% of any issues.



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Written by John Simpson 

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