Ep. 16, Serving the underprivileged as a Mission Officer w/ Trevor Bonat

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Trevor Bonat is the Chief Mission Officer of Trinity Health PACE and Trinity Health at Home, a multi-institutional Catholic healthcare delivery system that serves over 30 million individuals across 22 states. The healthcare delivery system consists of 94 hospitals, post care treatments (such as physical therapy,) and comprehensive care programs for the elderly. 

In this episode, Bonat explains his lifelong desire to serve the community and how he has made a difference in people’s lives by bettering their overall health. For example, Bonat shows support for Trinity Health’s mission by drawing attention to the core virtues of reverence, resilience, justice, and integrity. He also explains the influence his mentors had on him, the positive effects of fellowship and the advice that he would have given to his younger self. In the future, Bonat will strive to accompany his organization in helping engage healthcare challenges in an innovative, mission-driven way.  

In the past, Bonat was the mission leader for Mercy LIFE in Southeast Pennsylvania and the principal of two Catholic schools, where he focused on innovating and leading.  He currently lives in Maryland with his wife, Stephanie, and two teenage daughters, Lucy and Jane. 

We are the choice for healthcare that is full of dignity and personalization and reverence for the individual. We look outward into our communities to help elevate the health of the underserved communities as well.” – Trevor Bonat


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