Ep. 17, Focusing on the Value of Employees w/ Alyson Gordon

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  Alyson Gordon

Alyson Gordon is the New Talent Strategies Assistant Vice President at Duke University Health System, where she focuses on the value of the employees through talent acquisition, career planning, and onboarding and retention efforts. With a holistic approach, Gordon focuses on the feelings of all involved while working with executives to achieve the desired work culture.

In this episode, Gordon explains her positive experiences with the individuals at Duke University Health System, as well as her journey to get to where she currently is today. Gordon goes into detail regarding how she has maintained a servant leadership role, where virtue and business specifically intersect in her career, and the positive impact that she has had on her clients’ lives. Finally, Gordon explains the “Peace Walk” with individuals at one of the hospitals; this event ultimately allowed all to understand that the organization always cares and that it is important that everyone has a space to be their best selves.

Alyson Gordon has experience in conflict resolution, change management, employee relations, HRIS management, leadership development and performance management. She has a strong work ethic and interpersonal skills which have allowed for Gordon to have progressive leadership opportunities as a transformational Human Resources Executive.

“[The “Peace Walk”] is a testament to what can happen when we can be brave enough to step out on faith and speak up because it builds a muscle so that next time something happens, we can ask ourselves, ‘How can the organization do this better?’ ”  – Alyson Gordon

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