Ep. 24 – Your Workplace Is Your Mission Field w/ Jim and Martha Brangenberg

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Podcasts, The Virtuous Heros

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 Jim and martha brangenberg

Jim and Martha Brangenberg have co-hosted the iWork4Him Talk Show since 2013, and have challenged thousands of people across the world with the message that one’s workplace is his mission field.  As entrepreneurs and business owners, they both learned that their work was significant in the Kingdom of God and now have a desire to share with others the connection between faith and work.  In addition to their podcast and radio spots, they have co-authored the collaborative field manuals of iWork4Him, sheWorks4Him, and iRetire4Him and lead marriage retreats.

In this episode, Jim and Martha Bragenberg go into detail regarding the journey they went on to get to their current leadership positions and discuss the importance of understanding God’s plan for each person. They discuss the five practical steps that will assist one in living out his faith in his work, such as being a person of excellence. Finally, Jim and Martha discuss the virtues of being present, and having integrity, honesty, selflessness, as well as the significance of prayer.

“There is a sermon that says, ‘Your workplace is your mission field.’ Everybody is a leader if they have influence over one person. We need Christ-followers to understand that just because your title does not say ‘supervisor’ or ‘CEO,’ that does not mean you are not a leader. You have the ability to transform the culture around you.” – Jim and Martha

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