Ep. 25 – Molecular Biologist Becomes Healthcare Executive w/ Neil Pithadia

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About our Guest

 Neil Pithadia

Neil Pithadia is the Director at Baylor Scott & White (BS&W) Physician Services, the largest nonprofit health organization in Texas, where he has oversight of the physician medical group for hospital-based, surgical and medical services. Pithadia is a healthcare executive with 13 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.  A trained Cellular, Molecular Biologist and Medical Informaticist and educated at Harvard Business School, University of Michigan and Texas Tech University with an interest in real estate, Neil has a unique perspective within the industry.  

In this episode, Pithadia discusses his journey to the c suite and how he was able to recover from a job termination, by developing his identity, outside of his career goals and successes. He also shares the power of mentorship, how he has been growing in mindfulness, and the impact mindfulness has been on those he reports to, as well as those who report to him. 

“[The termination of my job] changed my perspective on how I view leadership, how I view myself, and how I view both professional and self-development, as it pertains to team development. It was a very transformative event for myself.” – Neil Pithadia 


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