Ep. 27 – ​”Knowing My Calling as a Healthcare Leader” w/ Rumame Samuels Byrant

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Rumame Samuels Bryant currently serves as the Executive Director of Total Rewards for UnityPoint Health, a network of hospitals, clinics, and home care services in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Bryant describes herself as a “woman of faith,” as she enjoys using singing and public speaking to encourage others to reach their fullest potential.


In this episode, Bryant shares her journey to becoming a licensed minister and the importance of integrating all of the gifts that God gave her into her life. Bryant opens up about the doubts that she had in understanding her calling, as well as the opportunities being a minister and a believer of God has given her. Finally, Bryant discusses her time in the Healthcare field as a business leader and the positive impact she has had on the people she serves. 

 “Even when there is something that is difficult or challenging, but when you have peace about it, this is a complete confirmation of ‘Yes, this is what I am supposed to be doing.’” 

– Rumame Samuels Bryant 

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