Ep. 32 – Using Prayer to Find Your Career Path w/ Lindsey Holland

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Podcasts, The Virtuous Heros | 0 comments

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Lindsey Holland

Lindsey Holland is the Director of HR at MAP International, a medical supplies company that serves over 82 countries in need.

Career paths are not meant to be linear. Learn how to hear God answer your prayers for stability and contentment in your job by listening to Lindsey Holland’s journey to success. She describes how the decisions she has made, people she has met, and faith in God have led her to her current role, where she is the Director of HR for an international medical company.

“There have been times of questioning [my faith]…times where I’ve wondered ‘What does it mean to have been thrust into this faith where it hasn’t been a choice?’ But it absolutely has been a choice.” –Lindsey Holland

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