Ep. 69 “Leading with Optimism” w/ Rebecca Holtdorf

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Podcasts, The Virtuous Heros

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In this weeks’ episode, Chris speaks with Rebecca Holtdorf, Director of Human Resources at Harnett Health and long-time healthcare enthusiast, about her path and journey to working in the healthcare industry. Drawing strength from her past experiences, and with the help of Cassie’s Foundation, Rebecca devotes herself to making a conscious effort to provide adequate resources and help for families going through miscarriages, stillborns, and other forms of child loss.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebecca took the initiative to administer thousands of free vaccines to patients, regardless of their backgrounds, and overcame language barriers, to protect her community. Inspired by the amazing stories of her community and front-line workers, she gives back by leading prayers with her patients and preserving faith in a turmoil time. Despite facing adversities and misfortunes, Rebecca remains optimistic and passionate about her work and the people around her.

She believes that fear can be healthy because it makes you stronger and more resilient, and remembering the reward after conquering fear will propel you through any obstacles. Rebecca attributes her leadership philosophy to her parents, who work hard and sacrifice to provide for her. As a leader and as a mother, Rebecca strives to teach the same leadership philosophy to her children and her team. Watch the episode to learn more about Rebecca’s story.

Watch the episode to learn more about Rebecca’s story.

Additional Information:

As the Director of Human Resources, Rebecca reported directly to the President of Harnett Health and led Auxiliary and Chaplain Services. She is responsible for policy development and implementation, compensation & benefits management, employee relations, recruitment, compliance, culture, employer brand, and diversity and inclusion.

Before working as human resources director, she worked as a manager, where she is responsible for policy development and implementation, compensation & benefits management, employee relations, recruitment, compliance, and diversity and inclusion. Manages and oversees the various functions of the HR Department. She manages and oversees the various functions of the HR Department and develops and mentors my HR, auxiliary and pastoral care team members. She also monitors an annual budget and establishes and leads the standard recruiting and hiring practices and procedures necessary to recruit and hire a superior workforce. Furthermore, she prepares, maintains, and analyzes reports, and makes strategic recommendations for benefits, compensation, programs, and policies that support the overall organizational goals. She partners with leadership throughout the organization to communicate HR policies, procedures, programs, and applicable laws. She determines and recommends employee relations practices and programs necessary to establish a positive employer-employee relationship and promote a high level of employee morale and motivation. Additionally, she conducts internal investigations and addresses employee complaints/grievances, and monitors and advises managers and supervisors in the progressive disciplinary process. She ensures compliance with all existing governmental and labor laws, and government reporting requirements and evaluates workforce development, employee retention, change management, company-wide processes, efficiency, and effective labor processes, and makes recommendations on improvements to the executive management team. She Obtains cost-effective, employee-serving benefits; monitors the national benefits environment for options and cost savings, and obtains competitive market compensation research to establish pay practices and pay bands.

Before joining Harnett Health, Rebecca spent 11 years working at Local Government Federal Credit Union as a Human Resources Manager. She is responsible for providing guidelines and managing human resources activities such as recruiting, staffing, benefits, staff development programs, and compensation. Actively maintain knowledge of human resource systems, state and federal laws, rules regulations, and procedures affecting the practice and administration of human resources policies and programs. I plan, organize and administer human resources activities, identify and analyze operational and administrative problems and implement change.



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