Ep. 73 “Switching Roles While Keeping your Passion” w/ Akilah Griffin

by | May 16, 2022 | Podcasts, The Virtuous Heros

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Welcome to Season 7 of the Virtuous Heroes Podcast!

Season 7 begins with Akilah Griffin, Assistant Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Atrium Health Navicent, about the role servant leadership has played in her life and the path she took to helping others!

After originally starting in pre-health, Akilah realized that while her passion for helping others was there and she was certainly talented enough to perform the role, some of the mental challenges nurses go through were overwhelming. Wanting to follow that passion for helping others and with the advice of close friends and family, she chose to pursue working in HR instead.

Once Akilah graduated and began working in this role, she found that she was able to have a real impact on those she worked with and was able to help her organizations grow and prosper. During this time she also found growth within herself exploring her faith walk more and focusing on community and family.

She’s also found herself growing as a person learning more about empathy and patience from her years of serving others. Now after evolving and changing every day, and with over 10 years of HR experience and perspective to share, Akilah joins us on the podcast.

More about our guest:

Knowledgeable and passionate professional with substantive success and experience in Business Operations, Talent Management, Human Services and Community engagement—committed to educating and empowering the current & emergent workforce and partner initiatives within and for innovative organizations




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