Episode 4 – Angela Bishop’s Tips for Team Building: Cultivating a Positive Culture

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Podcasts, Tips For Team Building

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In this episode, Spirit Consulting speaks with Angela Bishop, Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington & Alaska. Angela talks about the importance of building connections with team members to cultivate a positive work culture. Watch to gain some advice on how to best lead by creating a great work environment.

Angela first started her professional career during her time as a high school teacher. She learned the importance of creating connections and being genuine with the individuals you are working with. In this case, those individuals were her students. Leaders must create a good work environment and culture to best meet the goals of the company. As a teacher, Angela was a great leader and was able to foster a safe learning environment for her students.

Angela gives listeners some tips to cultivate a positive work culture. These tips include advice on how to build trust with colleagues to make them feel comfortable enough to give feedback. She touches upon the importance of meeting one-on-one with workers and adapting to the current work culture. This way leaders can learn what can be improved. Finally, she highlights the importance of letting people know their work is appreciated no matter their role in the company.

Throughout the interview, Angela also gives recommendations on books and podcasts that have helped her on her leadership journey. Now, she joins us on the Virtuous Heroes Podcast to advise viewers on creating a safe and positive culture.

More about our guest:

Angela is a passionate and purpose-driven leader adept at working in complex systems during times of significant change. She started as a high school teacher and later went on to work in many purpose-driven organizations. Some of these organizations include Washington Campus Compact, The Sophie Way, and the Washington CASA Association. She is currently serving as the Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated success in fostering high-performing collaborative teams and employee engagement. Angela also has experience developing and executing data-driven strategies, securing major gifts and government grants, and cultivating cross-sector partnerships. She is a strong and active promoter of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging throughout an organization and its programs. She has proven to be a firm believer in the solidarity model as a systems change approach.


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