Episode 7 – Antwan Lofton’s Tips for Team Building: Success Lies With Your Team

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Podcasts, Tips For Team Building

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In this episode, Spirit Consulting speaks with Antwan Lofton, Assistant Vice President and Interim Vice President of Human Resources at Duke University and Duke University Health System. Antwan talks about the importance of a strong team for success. Watch to learn how to best leverage a team so that everyone can thrive!

During this episode, Antwan shows us how a good team can help an organization achieve any goal. He explains that it is important to bring your team along on the journey. Leaders can’t lead by trying to be both the visionary and the implementer. He believes that managers should rely on their team to show them the best way to go about their visions. Antwan made a point to emphasize the distinction between working for and working with someone. He explained that leaders should think of their team as people they are working alongside to reach success.

Antwan explained that it is important that teammates know how their work will impact the end goal. If they are unable to see the big picture it’s important that leaders establish trust. This way they will have enough trust to work towards the end goal.

Antwan believes that leaders should also create relationships with teammates. Have a quick call over coffee or a five-minute chat with a colleague before a meeting. Any effort to get to know the team will help establish trust. Antwan also spoke on the idea of leaving the door open for the next generation of leaders. By providing guidance and mentorship to these individuals, leaders can give back to their team and workplace.

Now, Antwan joins us on the Tips for Team Building Podcast to talk with us. His advice will help leaders become connected to their team to get the best results.

More about our Guest:

Antwan Lofton is the Assistant Vice President of Staff and Labor Relations/Staff and Family Programs for Duke University and Health System. He has oversight for developing program initiatives and providing services to all employees.

In this role, he provides HR policy support and guidance and manages the dispute resolution and disciplinary processes. Antwan also manages the collective bargaining agreements with employees represented by a union and helps foster effective manager-employee relationships.

Lofton is committed to supporting a positive work environment across the entire Duke community. He believes that a successful organization relies upon the mental and physical well-being of our employees and their families. To that end, his department provides resources and programs to support managers and employees in achieving a healthy and highly functional workplace.

Antwan previously served as the Senior Director for Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Relations at Howard University/Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC. In this Lofton was responsible for the management of eight unions between the University and Hospital. He was involved in all major employee relations cases and provided oversight of the University and Hospital’s Affirmative Action Plan.


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