Episode 8 – Liz Dunlap’s Tips for Team Building: Creating Cohesive Collaboration

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Podcasts, Tips For Team Building

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In this week’s episode, Spirit Consulting speaks with Liz Dunlap, who has worked in various Human Resources positions for decades and recently finished her career as CHRO at Indiana University Health. Liz encourages listeners to lead through a relationship-oriented approach, provide new hires with ample opportunities and assistance, and always take the time to build personal relationships.

Liz worked in human resources for retail, consumer packaged goods, restaurants, and luxury goods industry before settling down in Healthcare. An expert in almost every field, Liz shares personal experiences with new hires and employees over the years and what she does to ensure a healthy and collaborative workplace. She also speaks about breaking the barrier and creating personal relationships through a pandemic that limits face-to-face interactions. Liz emphasizes that taking those extra ten minutes to talk about your day with employees is crucial to building better relationships. Additionally, she shares personal anecdotes on struggling to build relationships with key stakeholders, retaining staff, and compromising with team members.

Through her passion for traveling and meeting new people, Liz is someone that is very open to new cultures and ideas. She utilizes these qualities to branch out with her hiring process and sometimes be willing to take a chance on someone very different from her. As a wife, mother, sister, and daughter, Liz knows the importance of maintaining relationships and shares her experiences on how to do so.

Liz embodies open-mindedness through her hiring process and leadership style. With over 20 years of HR experience, she definitely has some expert advice you must follow to create and maintain healthy workplaces.


More About Our Guest:

More about our guest:

Liz Dunlap is the (former) Chief Human Resources Officer at Indiana University Health, which is the largest health system in Indiana and among the top ten largest single state nonprofit health systems in the U.S. Liz started her Human Resources journey with Taco Bell, and then worked with the likes of Walt Disney, Campbell, Godiva, and Panera, before ending up in the healthcare industry. Liz is a proud mother, wife, daughter, and sister, as well as the owner of two well-loved black labs. Liz enjoys traveling with her husband and makes sure to make one international trip and one national park trip yearly.



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