Mission Over Margin

           Spirit Consulting is a boutique

           consulting firm dedicated to providing

           consulting rooted in a client-tailored approach.

           Business is virtuous here.

Over 125 years of business experience

With expertise in Executive Search, Business Strategy, HR Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Industrial Organizational Psychology, we maximize your organization’s potential in a plan tailored to you.

Small Business, Big Spirit

Spirit strives to merge a detail-oriented and proprietary consulting process with a relationship-driven business approach.

Simply put, we help hire the best people and push businesses into a position to succeed.



Spirit At a Glance

Certified Minority-Owned Business

94.2% Success Rate

24 Month Guarantee

12 Month Candidate Onboarding Assistance

1 on 1 Solution Building

70 Days or Less Position Placement for Non-CEO Roles

Results-Driven Data Tailored to your Organizational Needs

Increasing Performance, Revenue & Customer Experience

Responsive, Client-Oriented Service

Exceptional Candidate Matching and Seamless Onboarding

Boutique Experience that Feels Effortless