Spirit Consulting

About Us

Who We Are

Spirit Consulting was built to help our clients achieve peak success through the services of Executive Search, Organizational Development, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Executive Coaching. To learn more about how we can help you hire all-star executives, develop a high performing organization, strengthen your culture, or coach leaders to higher levels of execution, schedule a call at https://spiritmco.com/quote/

Our Podcasts

The Virtuous Heroes Podcast, hosted by our CEO Christopher Gomez, helps professionals who feel disheartened by the lack of virtue in business by sharing authentic testimonials from values-driven executives to inspire you to continually pursue excellence and be your best self.

Tips for Team Building Podcast, hosted by our Director of Business Operations Spirit Consulting, wants to inspire and propel listeners along in their leadership journeys by talking with leaders and sharing stories about the many facets of team building.

The Core Virtues of Spirit Consulting

Our practice leaders take this mission seriously. Here are some of the core virtues that you can expect from us inside and outside of our business engagements:


Integrity brings together components of honesty, respect, generating trust, responsibility, keeping promises, and helping others. In short, integrity is being honest and always doing what is right.


We are results-oriented and hungry for success, yet humble in our success. While we celebrate successes, we seek to remain humble and stay committed to excellence.


All people are created equal, so we treat others with the nobility they deserve and remain committed to hiring the right person for each job.


We seek to build, sustain, and grow relationships with those we encounter by committing to excellence. This includes our teams, our clients, our vendors, and our candidates.

*Disclaimer – this is the IDEAL, what we STRIVE for; but just like you, we are human and tend to stray. In such instances, we welcome your gentle nudge back in the right direction!


We seek to remain committed to excellence for ourselves, our customers, our vendors, and our candidates. We maintain a high standard of work, work with integrity, stay hungry for achievement, and succeed.


We invest in our team and expect our team to invest, with a sense of loyalty, to the executive search industry, organization, as well as our clients. Being loyal is following through on commitments you make to others.

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