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We know how hard it can be to find an executive search partner you can trust at rates that won’t destroy your budget. Instead of settling for a service that has been only somewhat satisfactory in the past, you can help your network hire all-star executives while saving money through Spirit Consulting’s Client Referral Program.
Here’s how it works: By referring Spirit Consulting to a potential new client, both parties receive a discount equal to 10% of the created search fee. So, for example, if a referral results in a search engagement with a $40,000 fee, both parties will receive a $4,000 credit with Spirit Consulting.
To be eligible for the referral program, there are a few requirements for both parties. For referrals within your organization, you must refer someone who does not report to you. For referrals external to your organization, the new prospective client must not fall under an existing MSA and must initiate a search at the director level or above.

The requirements and FAQs are listed below to provide additional clarity.

Please let us know if anyone comes to mind, and we look forward to continuing to grow our partnership while helping you and y our network save money by hiring all-star talent!

When does the referral credit go into effect?

After receiving the credit, how long does it remain valid?

If I make multiple referrals resulting in search engagements, can I "stack" the discounts on a single search of my own?

How is the discount calculated?

If I refer a member of my team, does that count as a referral?

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