Ep. 5: Julie McDevitt (w/ Christopher Gomez)

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Show Description

The Leading Virtuously Podcast’s mission is to nurture the business community by offering testimonials of executives who are leading virtuously to inspire you to do the same. In just the first season, Spirit Consulting CEO Christopher Gomez interviews leaders like Sebastian Girard of Atrium Health, Julie McDevitt of Grace Integrated, and Marc Woods of UK Healthcare, among many other captivating trailblazers across industries. The podcast serves to share leadership stories led by contagious integrity and love, which will stir you to take action in your own life and career. 

About our Guest

Julie McDevitt is the Founder and Clinical Director of Grace Integrated, LLC., a professional mental health counseling and psychotherapy private practice for individuals, groups, and families in the western suburbs of Chicago. In this episode, Julie talks with Chris about the value of mindfulness and creating a strong culture within an organization. Inspired by her background in teaching and work in therapy, Julie describes the importance of empathy to best serve clients’ needs. She is also a wife and a mother.

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