Ep. 82 “Inspiring Others with Kindness” w/ Dr. Matthew Pollard

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Podcasts, The Virtuous Heros

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In this week’s episode, Chris speaks with Dr. Matthew Pollard, Vice President of Intermountain Continuous Development at Intermountain Healthcare. Matthew discusses his journey to discover his passion for leadership and how he uses continuous kindness to inspire others.

Throughout Matthew’s childhood and later in life, he found mentorship and guidance from surgeons in his community. These figures inspired Matthew to pursue a career in medicine while helping others the way they helped him. Matthew learned how to align his priorities with his values from his mentors. As such, he began his career as an emergency department physician not only seeking to treat but to lead. From the early phases of his leadership journey, Matt sought to become a similarly reliable mentor for others.

For Matthew, the path to becoming a leader was not a straight or easy one. At each step of his career, Matthew sought to fine-tune best practices and processes while ensuring patients are the top priority. His dedication to patients came with strong opinions, and, sometimes, they were seen as aggressive. Instead of taking this personally, Matthew realized there may be something that he needs to change to accomplish his goals. He’s used lessons from this experience to teach and inspire others to become more self-aware while uplifting one another.

No longer directly treating patients as a physician, Matthew’s role is to continuously improve healthcare operations. His aim is now to inspire those in the healthcare industry to have humility in leadership, respect for every individual, and inspire the next generation. Matthew follows these cardinal principles throughout his personal and professional life. He joins us now to share his journey of inspiration and now joins us on the Virtuous Heroes Podcast to share his experiences.


Mission: Improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes through Continuous Improvement.

Vision: To engage physicians and caregivers at Intermountain Healthcare in a relentless pursuit of the perfect patient experience.



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