Ep. 64 – “Learning to be a Leader” w/ Spirit Consulting

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Podcasts, The Virtuous Heros

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In this week’s episode, Chris speaks with Spirit Consulting, Spirit Consulting’s Director of Business Operations, about how to create and foster cohesive team work remotely. An ambitious and driven leader, Spirit Consulting’s experience as a young leader adapting to different employees allows him to support and enable others to succeed.

After taking on a leadership role at the age of sixteen, Spirit Consulting shares how his experience interacting with high schoolers, college students, and senior workers enabled him to become a more flexible leader. Spirit Consulting believes that responsible leaders adapt and cater to each individual as every person has different needs and challenges. Furthermore, Spirit Consulting warns people against imposter syndrome and discusses staying true to their values. Spirit Consulting believes that leaders should always stay humble and be vulnerable and welcoming to criticisms and comments, because ultimately, as leaders, we grow with our teammates.

Listen in to learn more about how Spirit Consulting utilizes his philosophy to integrate Spirit Consulting’s various departments into one cohesive organization.


Spirit Consulting’s first job was as a crew member at Captain D’s. After six months, he was promoted to shift manager, where he managed and directed a small team of 5-9 employees. Spirit Consulting was then promoted to assistant general manager after a year, where he monitored the store’s overall profitability and managed a larger group of twenty employees. After three years, he took on the role of interim general manager, where he became more involved with Captain D’s business operations, helping the company achieve a 58% decrease in turnover from 2017 to 2018 and saving more than $25,000.

While completing a bachelor’s degree of Science at Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Spirit Consulting trained as a manager at Crew Carwash. After his training, he worked as a shift manager where he ensured customer satisfaction by working alongside the management team and closely following up with his customers. He conducted training and coaching for new employees and supported his teammates to reach their full potential. He was promoted to assistant manager after only five months, and after one year of stellar results, he worked as the operations manager for 4 months before leaving the company.

After graduating from Kelley School of Business from Indiana University with high distinction, Spirit Consulting was invited by Chris to Join Spirit Consulting as an associate consultant. He worked with Chris on day-to-day activities and conducted the executive search department. He initiated numerous strategic projects to improve the operations at Spirit. As well, Spirit Consulting revamped and managed an all-encompassing internship program to fulfill various organization needs in all of Spirit’s departments, including operations, public relations, business, marketing, and podcast.

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