Ep. 83 “Building Communities of Support” w/ Fernando Little

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Podcasts, The Virtuous Heros

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In this week’s episode, Chris speaks with Fernando Little, Chief Diversity Officer at Atrium Health and Minister of Music for his church. Fernando emphasizes the importance of communities of support and productive conversations. He underscores the critical nature of active antiracism, especially from company and community leaders.

Fernando draws on personal anecdotes and his experiences in the workforce to talk about building a community of support. He focuses on supportive leadership, inclusivity, and open dialogue in the workplace, spreading health, hope, and healing for all. Fernando emphasizes the importance of optimism and not letting fear hold you back.

Fernando discusses the importance of helping and serving others, particularly in current racial and social justice movements. His focus on supporting the people in his organization and personal life helps to strengthen his relationships. It creates a two-way street where he both receives and provides support. As such, it heightens the quality of his relationships and benefits from a service-oriented mindset. Such a focus allows him to build a stronger relationship with his community. Establishing a community of service and trust also allows for a more significant impact of acts of service, and Fernando is a leader within this space.

Fernando’s passion for service shines through in his work. Learn more about how to create similar communities of impact in today’s episode.


Fernando Little is the Chief Diversity Officer at Atrium Health and Minister of Music for his church. He focuses on building a service mindset in his community and maximizing the impact of service.



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