Episode 5 – Ryan Culkin’s Tips for Team Building: Breaking the Professional Wall

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Podcasts, Tips For Team Building

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In this episode, Spirit Consulting speaks with Ryan Culkin, the Chief Counseling Officer & SVP of Talk Therapy Operations for Thriveworks. Ryan talks about the importance of having real conversations with team members to break the professional wall. Watch to learn how to build a safe space and culture your team members will appreciate and thrive in.

When Ryan was young, he was fortunate enough to know what he wanted to pursue as a career. He always had an affinity to helping others. Because of this, he received his Bachelor’s in Psychology and his Master’s in Professional Counseling.

After entering the mental health industry, he found that many professionals experienced burnout. This led him to join Thriveworks. Ryan explained that he connected with their mission and admired the way the company did things especially operation-wise. Here he learned how to get past formal professional relationships and create genuine relationships with his teams.

Ryan explained that he applied the same principles that he uses to connect with patients to his conversations with colleagues. Breaking down the professional wall that is present in a lot of jobs allowed for deeper and more down-to-earth conversations. Ryan was able to learn about his team members’ lives, problems, aspirations, and so much more. This helped improve communication and trust so that he could lead and help them reach their own aspirational goals.

Creating this safe culture by breaking the professional aura also allowed colleagues to establish their own productivity goals. By creating these true relationships through personal conversations, Ryan also helped colleagues find their fit within the company. All of this gives team members more autonomy and helps them better connect with the company’s mission. Now, he joins us on the Tips for Team Building Podcast to talk with us. His insights will allow viewers to learn more about creating relationships past the professional ones.

More about our guest
As Chief Counseling Officer, Ryan Culkin oversees the logistics and operations of all company clinics, telehealth, and clinicians nationwide. He brings over a decade of clinical experience and a unique business perspective to Thriveworks. Ryan is passionate about equipping clinicians with the skills needed to succeed as the field continues to modernize and evolve. Ryan is responsible for supporting the clinics through strategic planning, operational analysis, recruitment, and training for improved clinician success. He is also responsible for supporting the clinics by partnering with other executive team members. This allows them to execute the current strategic plan and develop future plans. It will also ensure performance that promotes both the clinician and client to THRIVE.
Ryan has a Master’s in Professional Counseling and currently resides in Central Virginia with his wife and son.

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