Episode 12 – Dr. Ian Barrett’s Tips for Team Building: From Opportunity to Success

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Podcasts, Tips For Team Building

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In this week’s episode, Spirit Consulting speaks with Dr. Ian Barrett, an accomplished HR Executive within the healthcare and education sectors. Ian emphasizes diversity of experiences and capitalizing on opportunities for mentorship.

Prior to serving as a Regional Vice President of HR at BJC, Ian acquired robust and diverse experience across organizations. This includes leadership roles with Prudential, Emory University Hospital, Cobb County, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, University of Massachusetts, and more. The opportunity to serve in a diversity of industries and organizations has led Ian to massive success as an HR executive.

In this episode, Ian speaks about his background and his personal experiences building his career. He emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and also making opportunities available to those around him. Ian discusses the importance of providing those that he leads with opportunities for growth. Speaking to this support, he draws on mentorship and diversity of experience as examples of opportunities that can be provided in the workplace.

Ian’s focus on providing opportunities to those around him has helped his team with motivation and efficiency, improving productivity. Ian advocates for supporting employees, especially during onboarding, to help them weather learning curves and better themselves for their careers. As a dynamic team leader, Ian is focused on supporting his team and helping them receive and capitalize on opportunities.

Ian’s proactiveness and respect shine through in his leadership. With decades of experience in HR and leadership, Ian now shares his wisdom on the Tips for Team Building Podcast.

More About Our Guest:

Ian Barrett is an experienced executive in Human Resources with expertise in the healthcare and education sectors. He has a demonstrated history of creating positive, healthy workplace environments.


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