Episode 14 – Dr. Robert Kolts’ Tips for Team Building: Balance in Business

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Podcasts, Tips For Team Building

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In this week’s episode, Spirit Consulting speaks with Dr. Robert Kolts, Clinical Director at Overjet, husband, and father of seven. Dr. Kolts discusses balancing tasks through effective prioritization while ensuring an active focus on family relationships.

Dr. Kolts graduated dental school in 2012, but has since taken a less traditional progression through his career. After 3 months in private practice, he realized he lacked the necessary passion for clinical practice. He thus went back to school for his MBA from Penn State and eventually invested in several properties. Over the next few years, he progressed through various leadership positions, eventually leading to his current role as the Clinical Director at Overjet.

Dr. Kolts speaks about managing different priorities while maintaining his relationships with his family. He describes the work-life balance as an “ebb and flow” in reference to responsibilities in different areas of his life. Dr. Kolts emphasizes discerning what is professionally fulfilling and avoiding burnout by balancing personal passions with career goals.

Dr. Kolts draws on the importance of building relationships as a leader. While it’s necessary to ensure friendships do not obstruct work experience, he argues that personal engagement with employees is important. He underscores the importance of being a human first and leader second. He reaffirms the balance between personal and professional life, both in terms of priorities and in terms of building a cohesive team.

Dr. Kolts’ respect and commitment shine through in his leadership. With years of experience in managerial and directorial roles within dentistry, Dr. Kolts now shares his wisdom on the Tips for Team Building Podcast.

More About Our Guest:

Dr. Rob Kolts is a Clinical Director at Overjet with experience in the dentistry sector. He has a demonstrated history of creating workplace environments marked by balance, integrity, and honesty.


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