Episode 15 – Sean Peterson’s Tips for Team Building: Promoting Wellness

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Podcasts, Tips For Team Building

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In this week’s episode, Spirit Consulting speaks with Sean Peterson, Interim Director of Talent Strategies and Sourcing and Brand Engagement Manager at BJC Healthcare. Peterson discusses motivating employees through a commitment to their wellness, an intentional effort in building relationships based on trust, and focusing on employee growth.

Peterson worked in an HR role initially– he was in recruiting and talent acquisition. Peterson found that, while he enjoyed the sales part of the role, he missed the human connection in HR and talent acquisition. He ended up finding that human connection at BJC, and now he is the Sourcing and Brand Engagement Manager for Talent Strategies at BJC.

Peterson speaks about promoting wellness in the workplace by ensuring the wellness of the employees and then focusing on adjustment– both in terms of employee engagement as well as work as well. He focuses on ensuring wellness by emphasizing the onboarding process so employees understand the work environment and expectations. He emphasizes making sure the employee feels valued and engaged in the culture.

Peterson draws on the importance of building strong relationships with employees. He underscores the importance of prioritizing the wellness of employees to ensure that they feel valued and respected. Peterson also reaffirms these values in employee retention– he brings up the importance of recognition, intentionality, managing virtual space, and focusing on personal and professional growth, all while building trust. All of the above play into promoting employee wellness.

Peterson’s commitment and respect shine through in his leadership. With years of experience in his field, Peterson now shares his wisdom on the Tips for Team Building Podcast.

More About Our Guest:

Mr. Sean Peterson is a Sourcing and Brand Engagement Manager at BJC Healthcare. He has a proven track record of prioritizing employee engagement and wellbeing in the company.


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