Ep. 23, “Savvy Healthcare Leader with a Passion for Motivating Others” w/ Robert Davis

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About our Guest

 Robert davis

Robert Davis is the Operations Director for Methodist Health Systems, where he leads a budget of $50M, as well as oversees over 300 staff at 26 offices.  Robert Davis is a healthcare leader with 10+ years of practice management and process improvement experience. He spent eight years in the Navy where he was responsible for multiple practice management and office operations. Robert is exceptionally strong in operational improvement and shares his strong leadership skills and success in building collaborative teams, motivating staff and supporting professional development. 

In this episode, Robert discusses his upbringing as the oldest of five, and how his upbringing in early leadership translated into his early leadership approaches. He also discusses his military career, and the wisdom he has obtained by leaders like his grandma who poured into him at an early age.  Finally, he explains the specific vices he had to overcome in order to reach his present leadership capability. 

“If things do not happen the way you anticipate, do not beat yourself up. You look at that as an opportunity and you continue to push forward. You continue to pour in 100% of your effort into that specific thing, and it will pay off in the end.”

– Robert Davis

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